How To Make Smartphone Controlled Tractor | Bluetooth Tractor


How To Make Smartphone Controlled Tractor | Bluetooth Tractor

Hello friends! In this video i am gonna show you “How To Make Smartphone Controlled Tractor” at home using some electronics circuit which are easily available in market and online also. This video is all about How to make Bluetooth tractor that can be control by any smartphone and this bluetooth tractor is very impressive that you can use it as your science project in school and college.

This bluetooth tractor is similar to any bluetooth robot and any bluetooth car the difference is that i have developed an app and code which gives this Bluetooth tractor or you can say bluetooth robot or bluetooth car flexibility that it can be easily operated by anyone. In this project, I will show you how to design and develop a Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Arduino, HC-05 Bluetooth Module and L298N Motor Driver Module. On the other end of the Bluetooth Communication, I will be using a Smart Phone and a simple Android App to control the Robotic Car.

For this Project You will need :

1. Arduino Nano

2. L298N Motor Driver Module

3. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

4. 7.4 V Battery

5. 100 Rpm Gear Motor

6. Jumper Wires Project Details :

Download Code Here :

Download App Here :


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